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Every Day is a Promise!

Jewelry Hand-Crafted With You in Mind. That is what Every Day a Promise is all about. Creating lovely jewelry items that will be a delight to wear is my passion! Each piece is carefully made with great consideration given to style and wear. Why purchase commercial jewelry in the mall that everyone else is wearing when you can have something unique and hand-crafted? Make a statement with your style choices! Everything you see on my site is purchasable through my Etsy shop. I also do custom orders for weddings and other special occasions, and you can contact me here or on Etsy to make arrangements!

I am writing this blog in the hopes that it may, in some small way, help someone who is launching a small business, either on a local level or on the internet. While these observations are things that I have found to be true for me, I hold no degrees in marketing or business management. For professional support or legal advice I would urge anyone to seek out someone in your local area who has expertise and can advise you as to the correct approach you should take. This blog is merely my own observations based on my own limited business experience. I am loving every minute of it! I wish you great success in your future endeavors!


Well, our first 3 craft/artisan shows for this season have now taken place, and a flurry of creative effort expended on these events can now slow down a bit as we enter a respite before our next local outing. Interesting to note the things that sold well, the things we have had for a while that sold, the things we re-worked that then sold, and the items we were sure would go that we still have. Now comes the clean-up and reset before gearing up for that future foray into the next show.


The things that have to take place are already in full swing. All the remaining jewelry items have been carefully stored in special protective sleeves that keep them from damage and tarnish. They have then been placed in different storage boxes. The necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry sets currently listed on Etsy are in one box, centrally located for easy access in order to fill orders in a timely manner, and the listed earrings are in their own separate box as well. All the jewelry that is finished and not yet photographed is in its own box and will be taken out piece by piece, set up for photos, measured etc for listing information, and then stored in a sturdy "new listing" box. I also have a few pieces that I have decided I will rework to update them. I rarely tear down a creation, but on occasion if a piece has been around on Etsy and on my sales table at the local shows for longer than I like, I will take it apart and either rework the design, add to the design, or totally break it down into components that will be distributed into totally new things.


The flurry of creating things left a path of random components on the beading tray that were then put in little storage bags just to clear the area to work on other things, and I have several of these mixed bags that have findings, beads, needles etc thrown in together. They all must be sorted out. Things in stock, such as clasps, head pins, ear wires, crimps, beads, crystals, stringing materials, and anything else that is used to create jewelry, must be placed with like items so that it is easy to inventory what we have and what we need to order so that we are not caught up short when we need it.


When we vend at a show, we need to update the ledger afterwards to enter what we sold and how much sales tax we collected. Being organized at this keeps us from scrambling at tax time to find and compile this information, and doing it soon after the event helps in the accuracy, while things are still fresh in the mind and we are less likely to forget anything important. Also, we take a lot of things with us to shows, in order to display our jewelry attractively. We transport these displays in tubs, or covered to protect them from damage. The tubs need to be gone through and reset for the next show. Different displays are used, depending on the show we are participating in. Also, bags and tissue to package purchases in have to be looked at, to see if we need to replenish our supply of those. We have 2 mannequins (Ursula and Utopia!), that we keep protected and covered when they are not at a show or modelling jewely for photo shoots. We make sure that the garb they are wearing is clean and looks good, and remove it for washing if necessary.


So much to do, and non of this list mentions making new items, because we need to take proper care of what we already have first, and make the items that are not yet listed available for purchase on the internet. We also need to get the mess cleaned up all around us! That is why we are reorganizing!


Try Something New!

Our newest endeavor this Spring was to take part in a local annual Renaissance Fair, held right here in our little village. It was held on a beautiful, sunny weekend in May, and was quite well attended.


The vendors were arrayed in costumes to add to the Renaissance atmosphere. These vendors were set up right next to us. They sold all different types of things. Next to them were people who did sketches of individuals as they posed to have their picture drawn by the artists. They looked like they were having a lot of fun!


We also had people across from us who had sculptures made from various shells. They were quite large and interesting! Visitors to the May Faire Renaissance Fair were able to buy refreshments, avail themselves of various entertainment presentations including singers, dancers, demonstrations and the like, and browse all the vendor tents. So many different things were being sold that I could make a huge list! There was no admission cost to them!


This experience was an idyllic trip into the past in a gorgeous setting with perfect weather and wonderful participants. We met many people who just stopped in because they were driving by and saw the vendor tents and the people in costumes. In my little town, it was a wonderful boost to the local economy as well!


If your business needs to move up to the next level, try something new!






Seed Beads

I am amazed at the things that can be created with using seed beads. These tiny treasures come in different sizes and shapes, and can be employed in a variety of ways.

In this photo, seed beads have been used to frame the lovely Swarovski crystal bicones in a flat (or sidewinder) weave. Contrasting colors make the crystals in the center "pop"! The gold color of the glass seed beads gives a rich look to the earrings, and add a dimension to them that is unique and interesting.



In this piece, two different sizes of seed beads in contrasting colors are employed to create a necklace that has an interesting texture and dimension. Because of the spiral weave encorporated here, the larger seed beads in a warm honey color catch the eye, and the iris rose smaller beads with silver accents cast an interesting contrast. Also, the smaller the beads, and the more beads that are used, the more intricate the piece appears to be.

Seed beads can be used in various sizes to separate larger beads in a design, thus setting them apart from each other and also accenting their colors. When they are used by themselves, all the same size, they create an intricate, delicate effect.


Any beading magazine will feature many designs and patterns that feature or incorporate seed beads into them, as they come in a vast array of colors and can be used in so many creative ways. I love to weave beads together using a needle and fireline. Time fails me to add all the pictures of the array of items I have made from these tiny pretties in the last few years! In my shop, www.everydayapromise.etsy.com, I have several seed bead creations.


Good things come in tiny sizes! Seed beads!