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Every Day is a Promise!

Jewelry Hand-Crafted With You in Mind. That is what Every Day a Promise is all about. Creating lovely jewelry items that will be a delight to wear is my passion! Each piece is carefully made with great consideration given to style and wear. Why purchase commercial jewelry in the mall that everyone else is wearing when you can have something unique and hand-crafted? Make a statement with your style choices! Everything you see on my site is purchasable through my Etsy shop. I also do custom orders for weddings and other special occasions, and you can contact me here or on Etsy to make arrangements!

I am writing this blog in the hopes that it may, in some small way, help someone who is launching a small business, either on a local level or on the internet. While these observations are things that I have found to be true for me, I hold no degrees in marketing or business management. For professional support or legal advice I would urge anyone to seek out someone in your local area who has expertise and can advise you as to the correct approach you should take. This blog is merely my own observations based on my own limited business experience. I am loving every minute of it! I wish you great success in your future endeavors!

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog for Every Day a Promise! This year is one I am looking forward to very much! We had an extremely successful craft show season from October through December, and after a bit of a respite we are ready to resume hand-crafting new items and developing new designs that are already percolating along on the back burner.

First item on the agenda is to photograph some lovely new jewelry pieces that we have recently made, and get them listed in our Etsy shop. Second item on the agenda is to wrap up the bookwork from 2013 and inventory what we have in supplies. Amazingly we came out of the year still pretty well stocked. However, we will be ordering new things, as our new designs will require all kinds of trendy and interesting stones, beads, and findings. This is one of my favorite parts, perusing catalogues/websites for the perfect items to purchase with which to make the ideas swirling in my head into reality you can wear and enjoy!

We have now cleared our calendar in order to make more time in the studio and increase production. Everything here is made on an individual basis, and very carefully. Woven pieces take much concentrated effort and are quite labor-intensive on a very tiny level, as the seed beads used are extremely tiny and are picked up on a needle and put in place pretty much one at a time. Because Every Day a Promise specializes in woven pieces, more time was necessary in our daily schedule in order to keep enough individual pieces in stock. We rarely repeat pieces, tending to keep each one of our accessories something different from the others. Repeated styles are usually popular styles that we find have buyers over and over again. Colors in these pieces usually vary from one another to keep the individual feeling going. Our supply inventory reflects this need to incorporate new and unique additions that update our designs, so we will be quickly getting it taken care of and orders in.

Watch for new blog posts, pictures, and additions to our shop www.everydayapromise.etsy.com! 2014 is going to be a banner year for us! Happy shopping!


Craft Show Season

I love this time of the year, when craft shows get into full swing in light of the upcoming holiday season. It is such fun to take my pieces to a show, set them up, and see people trying them on and choosing something as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for themselves! Such a great feeling and such a compliment that they would choose to wear something I created!

Today I began to get ready for the show i will take part in over the weekend next week. It is my favorite one of the ones I do in the fall, although it is not the largest. I am re-packing my jewelry so that it can be set up in a fairly short time, as there are other craft items I will be helping to set up at this very special show, hosted by a very special friend who sets up her entire house over one weekend at the beginning of November to be a craft showcase. People leave off their items and we set them up, run the show, and when it is all over they come pick up whatever is left of their items. The house is sometimes so loaded with customers that there is quite a line to check out. I am so honored to have my jewelry in this special event!

This picture is my display, as it looks right before a craft show. Every year my display grows exponentially. Next year I will easily need 3 tables instead of only these two. Also, there will be hanging necklace displays, as I have many new styles I am developing that will need adequate display area. Wall space, even in a tent set-up, is a valuable commodity!

Heads up people! We are now in CRAFT SHOW SEASON!


Sale Days are Flying By!

Can't believe that September is nearly half over already! Love having people shopping the sale in my shop! Such fun to see what they are looking at! Through September 30, 2013, receive 20% off your total purchase! At checkout, just put in the coupon code:  CELEBRATEFALL13

Meanwhile, awaiting the arrival of a new shipment of supplies to make new items to add to my shop, and yes, they will be included in the September sale! I am really excited about the new designs that I will be bringing to Every Day a Promise!

Starting up this home-based artisan business has brought me so much joy, and so much fun. It is not easy, it is very challenging to stay on top of the paperwork, create and market my pieces, and, hardest of all, establish an internet presence that stands out. Good thing that I love a challenge!

Thanks for stopping by here, please feel free to follow the links to my shop, www.everydayapromise.etsy.com!