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Every Day is a Promise!

Jewelry Hand-Crafted With You in Mind. That is what Every Day a Promise is all about. Creating lovely jewelry items that will be a delight to wear is my passion! Each piece is carefully made with great consideration given to style and wear. Why purchase commercial jewelry in the mall that everyone else is wearing when you can have something unique and hand-crafted? Make a statement with your style choices! Everything you see on my site is purchasable through my Etsy shop. I also do custom orders for weddings and other special occasions, and you can contact me here or on Etsy to make arrangements!

I am writing this blog in the hopes that it may, in some small way, help someone who is launching a small business, either on a local level or on the internet. While these observations are things that I have found to be true for me, I hold no degrees in marketing or business management. For professional support or legal advice I would urge anyone to seek out someone in your local area who has expertise and can advise you as to the correct approach you should take. This blog is merely my own observations based on my own limited business experience. I am loving every minute of it! I wish you great success in your future endeavors!

Show Season

This is our only respite before we enter our busiest time of the year. The upcoming show season, combined with the holiday push on Etsy, makes for one very busy business here at Every Day a Promise. We have less than a month before the first of these shows, and preparations are well underway.


The biggest push is to create an inventory of the newest products. This year that would include barrettes, beaded infinity scarves, and now we are making beaded key chain fobs. As many variations of these items as possible will be created in order to make as many choices as we can for our potential customers. The more unique the items are, the more they catch the eyes of the people shopping in our show venues. Traffic is only good if they feel to stop at your booth and shop for a minute or two, and when there appears to be plenty of interesting and different items to see, they take a minute on their walk around the show to pay you a visit. This is one of our newer beaded scarves. They are quite popular!


After our next show, which lasts for three days, we only have one weekend with no shows before we do three shows in a row on three consecutive weekends leading up and into December. It seems like we still have preparation time, but the time will fly by and before we know it, we will be up to our necks with creating, packing, loading, setting up, meeting new people, taking down, unloading etc, not to mention taking photos, listing and filling internet orders.


Here's to the Show Season! We are so excited! It's our favorite time of the year!




Adding Listings on Etsy

After a very successful local show, we are now on a 2 month respite from nearby events before the big holiday season push begins. New items, created recently, now need to get listed in order to be available for purchase through our Etsy shop.


The first thing that has to happen is the sorting of the jewelry items, which came home from the local shows boxed in no special order. Each piece, carefully wrapped to protect it, is kept in a large box where it is easily accessible when an Etsy order comes through. They need to be numbered and placed for an easy find. Those that are not yet listed will be separated out. Photos have to come next. Each Etsy listing allows for 5 photos to be included, and they need to be good ones. We have an excellent camera. Taking pictures of jewelry without a light box is an art form in itself! We use various areas to do this, but at this time of the year when we are not surrounded by mountains of snowbanks that the glare they generate, outside photos are, by far, preferred. Natural light without direct sun is the best. We have various backdrops for this, and they are all neutrals. It takes quite a while to get 5 quality, usable pictures of each piece. They usually need editing and that also takes a bit of time.


There is an entire form to fill out on Etsy for every item offered for sale. The list of required information becomes all the information that the buyer will need in order to make an informed purchase. While the listing process is one that, by necessity, is quite specific in nature, taking time to do it carefully heightens the chances that the item will be found and hopefully purchased!


Tags in the listings are just about as important as photos! While the photos show the buyer all the details of the piece, the listing tags are what, often, allows them to find the piece in the first place. Etsy allows for many tags, but each one needs to be something that one would type into the search if they were looking for that certain something special. Odd names for items need to be avoided. Tags like "Golden Romance" may not be a common search term, whereas "romantic golden necklace" would work a bit better.


The obvious, and most necessary thing added in the listing process would be the price of the item you are selling. Artisans arrive at prices in various ways. It goes without saying that the cost of the materials used to create the item will be a major factor. Also to be considered is the listing fee, shipping costs, the cost of obtaining the components, and the time involved in actually fashioning the finished product. The labor cost is the one many artisans seem to disagree on. I know an artisan who pays herself $20 per hour. Here in my local area, if I came to a show and priced my items at that level I would probably sell very few. Unfortunately, people seem to have a problem understanding the difference between jewelry mass-produced in a third world country that pays pennies a day to the laborers and jewelry that someone special ordered the components for (or created those components themselves!) and then hand crafted them in their own studio one component at a time. It is up to the individual artisan to find the price point for their items and list them so that they make a reasonable profit.


After all this, it is now time for me to put this blog away and start preparing to list about 30 or 40 new items in my Etsy shop!



So much has been happening in the last few weeks that we have been totally busy all the time! The biggest event happened nearly 2 weeks ago, when our precious granddaughter, Anaya Joy, was born! Since our son and daughter-in-law live fairly close to us, we have been spending as much time as possible with them, helping out any way we could. In the weeks preceding the baby's birth, we were celebrating birthdays, camping, working on home projects, and enjoying the Summer here in Upstate New York!


August is flying by, and Every Day a Promise will be at the Dodge Pratt Northam Craft Fair this weekend, which takes place simultaneously with the Woodsmens' Field Days in Boonville, New York. Thousands of people attend the Woodsmens', and they do trickle down into downtown Boonville during the day, which is where the craft fair will be. We share a booth with The Glass Menagerie (www.theglassmenagerie.etsy.com), and their stained glass is exquisite. 


This week we are preparing and packing for this show. There is much to be done, since we have not really been in a craft show frame of mind for a bit. We are looking forward to having a wonderful time, meeting new people, greeting people from past years, and seeing our jewelry go to new homes!


No more hiatus!