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Every Day is a Promise!

Jewelry Hand-Crafted With You in Mind. That is what Every Day a Promise is all about. Creating lovely jewelry items that will be a delight to wear is my passion! Each piece is carefully made with great consideration given to style and wear. Why purchase commercial jewelry in the mall that everyone else is wearing when you can have something unique and hand-crafted? Make a statement with your style choices! Everything you see on my site is purchasable through my Etsy shop. I also do custom orders for weddings and other special occasions, and you can contact me here or on Etsy to make arrangements!

I am writing this blog in the hopes that it may, in some small way, help someone who is launching a small business, either on a local level or on the internet. While these observations are things that I have found to be true for me, I hold no degrees in marketing or business management. For professional support or legal advice I would urge anyone to seek out someone in your local area who has expertise and can advise you as to the correct approach you should take. This blog is merely my own observations based on my own limited business experience. I am loving every minute of it! I wish you great success in your future endeavors!

Take the Limits Off!

This blog post comes, not to complain or look for attention, but to encourage anyone who happens on it to go beyond where you think you can, to press through as much as you are able, and thereby achieve success in some measure, whether partial or total.

I am a person who HAPPENS to have to deal with some pain..  My business,making jewelry, is one that can aggravate the things I deal with, but I pretty much ignor that as much as I possible can and continue making it, not because I am a martyr, but because I refuse to be stopped from doing something I love, by circumstances beyond my control.  If your circumstances control you, change your circumstances! A change of the way you look at them is a great place to begin. If you can't do an activity the way most people do, is there a way to modify it? Any progress IS progress! If you don't have the money to do something you really think you need or want to do, is there another avenue you can go down, a way, even if it's not as fast or direct, to head in that direction? Are you not doing something simply because you have never tried it and are afraid of failing at it? There are tons of limitations people place on themselves.


Let 2016 be your best year ever! Find your dream and pursue it. Setbacks are stepping stones to the way to success. CHOOSE to push beyond the ordinary, be an achiever! Make some reasonable goals and every day take a baby step to achieving them. No achievement is too small. Take the limits off!


Transitioning the Record Keeping

As a retired teacher, I spent more of my life (just because of when I was born) without computer-aided financial records than I have spent with them. Because of that, when I began my business I naturally opted for the old fashioned ledger and envelope system, where all income and disbursements are recorded with a pencil, and totalled with an old fashioned calculator. Welcome to the last of the dinosaurs!


Well, this girl is finally biting the bullet, and I now have software that I am learning to use so that I can keep accurate records of everything coming in, everything leaving, costs, profits, sales tax, and the list goes on. If you find yourself stuck in the world of the old-fashioned, perhaps it is time for you to make a change as well! My business is not just local, it also includes a shop on Etsy.com, and so I am keeping records on two different fronts. I do buy some supplies and findings locally, but I also order many over the internet. Computing the exact cost of producing an item, and determining the time taken to make it, thereby arriving at a reasonable price point for the potential buyer can be a daunting endeavor. You want to receive a fair price for your work, but you don't want to price it at a level that the consumer will find to be unfair. I have found that most of the people who have purchased my jewelry are willing to pay a bit more for the hand crafted items as long as the prices are not ridiculous.


At least two software programs are out there that you can use to help keep those records organized and accurate. For the PC it would be Excel, and for the Mac it would be Numbers. They are very similar in their set up, and a big help once you have everything in them. One of my business associates uses Excel for her business, since she has a PC, and I am now learning Numbers, since I have a Mac platform.


I am not going to try and minimize the learning curve or the time involved in familiarizing yourself with, what can be, a rather complicated program, but the rewards will be there when  you go to total your week, your month, your year, your sales tax, income tax info for your accountant etc. You can just hit "print" and there it will be! Also, if you would like to do some research, there may well be a program out there especially suited to doing the bookkeeping and keeping track of all your inventory and everything else. I know that, in my case, there is a program called Jewelry Designer that I have been eyeing. For the moment though, I am sticking with  Numbers. One learning curve at a time please!



New Year!

I have to begin this new year by first thanking all the wonderful people who purchased jewelry from Every Day a Promise in 2015! It was our best year ever, and I am always honored to have someone purchase a piece of my jewelry, either for themselves or as a gift for someone.


Happy 2016 everyone! This is going to be our biggest year ever! We are so looking forward to putting new designs in the Etsy shop and also are developing some special and unique ideas. New local show opportunities are also being explored, as are possible local outlets for our jewelry and accessories!


If you are going to run a successful business, you have to continue to grow and to explore new options. The market is as big as you are willing to allow it to be. Growth and profit only come with making the effort to get the word out about your product, the effort to continually improve your product, your willingness to stand behind your product, and your dedication to making the never-ending marketing strategies work for you. Customers/clients don't just rain down out of the sky. There are plenty of businesses out there for them to choose from. The ones that will earn their patronage are the ones with the best reputation. the most professional appearance, the one that has the best product for the best price, and the list goes on.


Strive for excellence in 2016! That is the goal at Every Day a Promise, to be excellent in everything we do and in everything we make. If it's not our best, we don't want it out there. We want to represent ourselves well. We hope you do the same in your business endeavors!


Happy 2016! Make it a good one!